Hello everyone! I came to the wall called the lack of jobs with decent rate due to the state of health. I am disabled and in spite of my ability I always get a minimum wage. In Poland, unfortunately, but I clocked a defective element.

So I am looking for work abroad. If your company needed a programmer PHP or C#, please write to me. I would be grateful for a decent money offered for my work.

The program that I wrote a post on license Freeware! - Lucas

System to send bulk e-mails does not have to cost a fortune. I wrote such a system, and I would like to only a small sum of money that will help me in rehabilitation. I do not wish on anyone, anything for free. I can work and do it.
TabbedMailer system is designed mainly for people who want to send their letters to a large audience without having to send individual letters.

The program have:

The program was also equips:

HTML editor

You do not have to know HTML, you do everything using a special wizard, which adds items is accomplished by complementing forms.


You define the group to which the later will be able to add email addresses along with other information. Thanks to divide group of recipients.


Automatic separation of e-mail addresses that are not to be sent e-mail list. No need to remember to constantly filtering the list of recipients.


You can define your signature, which will be added automatically when you send a new e-mail in the form of both HTML and text.

Import e-mail

It also features a tool to import e-mail addresses from CSV files. All runs smoothly thanks to the wizard that is as simple as the whole program.

Export e-mail

With exports addresses in the group, you can create a backup copy or use the list in another program.

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